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Author, Chadham Thomas

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"Nexus Point was an incredibly fun, fast paced Sci-Fi novel about time travelling soldiers. Throughout their missions to defend the present from interference in the past, the characters, led by an extremely well developed lead in Kai Sawyer, visit a number of recognizable moments in history, which made an already exciting story even more enjoyable. If I had to sum the entire story into one word, my answer would be simple: fun. Every time I was forced to put the book down to eat food or socialize, I always ended with a smile, a nod, and a simple “well that was fun.” Thank you K. Pimpinella for writing Nexus Point, and I look forward to what comes next!"

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Podcaster and Reviewer, Seth Comire


4/5 Stars

"After it sets up the rogue time traveler in tantalizing terms, the book shifts to detail Kai's rise to a commanding position. Across a handful of missions, the disparity between his thought processes and the expectations of the Time Rangers is made clear, foreshadowing the book's later events. Thrilling action scenes combine with characters' struggles well.

Kai's isolation is a driving force in the narrative; he tries to keep the mission on track, despite being forced into combat while dealing with starvation and mental anguish. In France in the 1600s, his team works to find the rogue traveler, operating at a hurried pace. The truth behind their mission is hinted and is fascinating, helping to set up later series developments."

“If you love time travel adventures, then pick up a copy Nexus Point by K. Pimpinella. From 17th century France to the Titanic sinking, all the way to the late 22nd century, this sci-fi thriller will have you on the edge of your seat.

… At (this) stage of the book, the main antagonists present themselves, and the rawest, gritty scenes of the entire book take place. By then, I couldn’t put the book down…

I won’t give any more spoilers for what comes next, but rest assured that you haven’t read anything this gritty since you picked up a Warren Ellis book. I loved it.

And when you think the book couldn’t possibly pick up the drama and pace any further, the story looks at you and says, “hold my beer.” Strap into your seat and hold on for dear life because you are about to be taken on an emotionally grueling thrill ride.


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