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Book #1


The year is 2198. Earth has unified under one government, Utopia. War has ravaged the planet, forcing many citizens to immigrate to space stations and colonies. As human life expands into space, the Nexus Point and its abandoned station are discovered along with their time-travel capabilities.


Time travel becomes the new luxury vacation, but some citizens go rogue and as history starts to change, the Time Rangers are born; a specialized unit tasked with chasing down the Time Runners.


Following family tradition, Kai Sawyer, joins the Rangers.


His first mission as a commander; travel to 1634 France and defeat a Time Runner trying to jump start the progression of medicine. As Sawyer struggles to save his team and the future of Utopia; he learns of a more sinister plot that might include his father, the Rear Admiral of the Time Rangers. Should the Runners succeed, they will rewrite the future of all mankind.

Book #2



After successfully apprehending a Time Runner bent on advancing medicine in 1634 France, Commander Sawyer struggles with the knowledge that all he's known and trained for might be a distortion of the truth.

With his loyalties and morals thrown into chaos, he's not prepared when weapons from the future appear in New York, 1776. He, along with Lt. Hawk, Specialist Perry, Lt. Commander Santiago, and the crew of the RSV BlackOut, are thrust into another Historical Contamination Act. One that may have consequences spanning beyond 2199.

Their present, their future, and all the citizens of Utopia living in 2199 are at risk of complete destruction.


What lines will Commander Sawyer and his team cross to save Utopia's future? And which future will they save?

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