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In 2198, the world has united under one government called Utopia.

Join Commander Kai Sawyer and his team of elite Time Rangers as they travel through time and space in order to stop Time Runners from changing history. Failure to do so, will lead to the complete  destruction of Utopia and an end to humanity as we know it.

(available in paperback, hardcover, ebook and audible)


Nexus Point Book #1 in Time Ranger series 

BookLife by Publishers Weekly declares it an EDITORS PICK, and says … ”This time-travel thriller kicks off an exciting new series that lovers of the genre will relish.”


By the year 2198, Earth has unified under a central government calling itself Utopia. Kai Sawyer is a Time Ranger Commander, tasked with capturing Time Runners -- people who change history and threaten Utopia's existence.

Kai must lead his team on a dangerous mission to 17th century France, but as the mission unravels, Kai fears he's a pawn in his fathers plans. As the truth surfaces, will Kai have the courage to defy his father? And if he does, will he be strong enough to succeed?


Burning Man Book #2 in Time Ranger series

Commander Sawyer and his team are back!

Weapons from the future have infiltrated the American Revolution. What lines will be crossed to save the future of Utopia? And which future will Commander Sawyer save?

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