K. Pimpinella

"Where you can't go in reality, you can go on the page."


Former Trooper with the Queen's York Rangers, and paramedic of 20 yrs, Pimpinella is the author of the Time Ranger series. 

Nexus Point, book #1, available now

Burning Man, book #2, coming 2022

Praise for Nexus Point

"This time-travel thriller kicks off an exciting new series that lovers of the genre will relish ..."

Editor's Pick

BookLife (Publisher's Weekly)

"... Pimpinella delivers a spry, action filled sf tale full of time paradoxes and fills it out with solid characterizations and a particularly agonized hero."

Kirkus Review

"In the intriguing time travel Nexus Point, a lone traveler fights to protect his future ..."

4 Stars

Foreward/Clarion Review

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Nexus Point
Time Ranger Book series #1
Winner Canada Book Award
Take a trip through time and space with Commander Sawyer and his team as they race to save a dangerous Historical Contamination Act in 1634 France from changing their future ...  

“When you think the book couldn’t possibly pick up the drama and pace any further, the story looks at you and says, “hold my beer.”

Seth Comire ( www.iheartscifi.com )


"I loved the complex time travel rules. The system is unique and interesting, and trying to keep track of the many plot threads and guess who were the good and bad guys made for an entertaining read. Can't wait to see what happens in book two!"

5 Stars Amazon Review ( verified purchase )


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Narrated by Andrew B. Wehrlen. Nominee for 2019, 2020, Independent Audio Book Awards for Best Apocalyptic, Sci-Fi, Horror and Fiction