Nexus Point

Book one of the Time Ranger series, coming soon by Friesen Presss

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Nexus Point

Coming Soon

Book One of the Time Ranger Series

Time Rangers are a specialized unit of Space Fleet, Earth's extra-planetary military.  Rangers are tasked with the dangerous job of capturing Time Runners who have exploited the Nexus Point's time travel abilities. But one team, led by Commander Kai Sawyer, discovers there is a much bigger agenda behind the Runner's motives for wanting to change history.


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Time Ranger Series

Nexus Point

Book One of Time Ranger series

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What People Are Saying About Nexus Point ...

"Nexus Point was an incredibly fun, fast paced Sci-Fi novel about time travelling soldiers. Throughout their missions to defend the present from interference in the past, the characters, led by an extremely well developed lead in Kai Sawyer, visit a number of recognizable moments in history, which made an already exciting story even more enjoyable. If I had to sum the entire story into one word, my answer would be simple: fun. Every time I was forced to put the book down to eat food or socialize, I always ended with a smile, a nod, and a simple “well that was fun.” Thank you K. Pimpinella for writing Nexus Point, and I look forward to what comes next!"

Author, Chadham Thomas

A Light From Below


About K.Pimpinella

Writing has been her life since she knew what a story was... as was travel amongst the stars since the first time she looked up at a night sky and understood what she was looking at. 

Nexus Point is the first novel in the Time Ranger series.



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