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A paramedic of 20yrs, K.Pimpinella studied English and Space Sciences at university, was a Trooper with the Canadian Queen's York Rangers, and volunteered with Global Medics in Cambodia where she worked with Halo Trust. She now writes character driven science fiction with a soft-military touch, and full of time travel and action and adventure.

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twitter: @k_pimpinella

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Any examples of real life influences in Nexus Point?

The first chapter of Nexus Point is based on shenanigans my best friend and I got up to while attending Adult Space Academy in Huntsville, Alabama. Although, there is no violence in the true story- only blinding myself when I took a flash photograph of the solar panel in the dark museum.

What inspired Nexus Point and the Time Ranger series?

To have others enjoy the world I created. I want to live in it, and I know other people dream of spaceflight, space stations and time travel- particularly now with the successful launch and landing of Perseverance on Mars, so I created a world and characters for them to also enjoy as much as I do myself.

What are some unique selling points of Nexus Point?

I'm a Canadian female with experience in both military and space sciences, but I write from a male perspective.

Who are some of your favourite authors who perhaps influence your writing?

I'm in love with Canadian Author, Timothy S. Johnston's Tanner Sequence, and all of Elizabeth Moon's Vatta Series. These authors have found the right blend of military, action and deep characters.


Book #1 of the Time Ranger series

Released January 29th, 2021, by Friesen Press

Late in the twenty-third century, teams of Time Rangers boomerang through a nexus point into historical time periods to capture “time runners,” renegade time travelers who would endanger the future by changing the past. KAI SAWYER, son of one of the founders of the Time Rangers, is a Spawn, a genetically enhanced soldier, who has never known his rear admiral father’s love...only his ambition. And as Kai rises through the ranks to become the Time Rangers’ youngest commander ever, he must constantly prove himself to fend off perceptions, even from his own team, that nepotism is behind his meteoric rise. But when Kai and his team are sent to seventeenth-century France to capture a time runner altering the arc of medical advances, Kai finds his strengths used against him ...and as he becomes increasingly aware, a pawn in a dark scheme. 


Action & Adventure

Science Fiction/Time Travel

Science Fiction/Adventure

330 pages / B  &W / 6 x 9 inches







Book produced through Friesen Press

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Excerpt from Nexus Point

Sawyer found it freeing riding across a clean countryside, the
wind wisping through his short black hair while the hot summer sun
shone high above. If only Earth retained this amount of countryside, a place for
humans to escape the smog and overpopulation that predominated the cities of
his century, Sawyer figured maybe there wouldn’t be a need for people to charge
into the past trying to change things. But Time Runners were trespassing into
the past, and Sawyer knew they had to be stopped, even if it meant returning to a
future not as pleasant as a seventeenth-century untouched landscape.