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An author and lover of all things science fiction, she grew up with the greats like Star Wars, Star Trek and the original Battlestar Galactica, and still enjoys them today. The theme of teamwork  which dominated Stargate, the camaraderie of the character dynamics of the video game Mass Effect, and the time-travel ideals of the TV show Timeless, were the foundations of her world-building and characters of the Time Ranger series, of which, Nexus Point is the first novel. 


Some of her favourite sci-fi authors are; Isaac Asimov, Gareth L. Powell, Elizabeth Moon, and fellow Canadian science fiction author, Timothy S. Johnston. She also enjoys Jane Austen and Shakespeare … ‘as flies to wanton boys we are to the gods. They play us for their sport.


Having studied English and space sciences at university, it helped hone her skills to keep her science as real as possible while also enjoying the classics of english literature. And time at NASA’s Adult Space Academy in Huntsville, Alabama, helped her realize her dreams of going into space.


Her time as a Trooper with the reserve armoured reconnaissance regiment, The Queen’s York Rangers (1st American Regiment) has also provided her with insight into writing soft-military novels. As one of the only female recce combat arms soldiers in the unit at the time, it was an interesting and challenging experience for her. She also is fortunate enough to work closely with a developmental editor with over 20 years experience in US Special Forces and a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.


Pimpinella has also worked with GlobalMedic, a volunteer organization whose mandate is to ‘save lives by providing short-term, rapid response in the wake of disasters and crises, both at home and abroad,’  where she volunteered in both Thailand and Cambodia as a paramedic- of which she was worked as for the past 20 years. The experience with GlobalMedic was eye-opening and gave her a chance to see the world.


She now lives in Uxbridge, ON. In her spare time she enjoys ice hockey, snowboarding, western horseback riding and spending time with her husband and two dogs, Dallas and Tonka.

Nexus Point
Book #1 of the Time Ranger Series
Released January 29th, 2021

Canada Book Award


Late in the twenty-third century, teams of Time Rangers boomerang through a Nexus Point into historical time periods to capture “time runners,” renegade time travellers who would endanger the future by changing the past. KAI SAWYER, son of one of the founders of the Time Rangers, is a Spawn, a genetically enhanced soldier, who has never known his rear admiral father’s love...only his ambition. And as Kai rises through the ranks to become the Time Rangers’ youngest commander ever, he must constantly prove himself to fend off perceptions, even from his own team, that nepotism is behind his meteoric rise. But when Kai and his team are sent to seventeenth-century France to capture a time runner altering the arc of medical advances, Kai finds his strengths used against him ...and as he becomes increasingly aware, a pawn in a dark scheme. 


Action & Adventure

Science Fiction/Time Travel

Science Fiction/Adventure

363 pages / B  &W / 6 x 9 inches









Excerpts from Nexus Point

Burning Man

Book #2 of the Time Ranger Series

Released 2023


After successfully apprehending a Time Runner bent on advancing medicine in 1634 France, Commander Sawyer struggles with the knowledge that all he's known and trained for might be a distortion of the truth.

With his loyalties and morals thrown into chaos, he's not prepared when weapons from the future appear in New York, 1776. He, along with Lt. Hawk, Specialist Perry and Lt. Commander Santiago, and the crew of the RSV BlackOut, are thrust into another Historical Contamination Act. One that may have consequences spanning beyond 2199.

Their present, their future, and all the citizens of Utopia living in 2199 are at risk of complete destruction.

What lines will Commander Sawyer and his team cross to save Utopia's future? And which future will they save?



Science Fiction/Time Travel

Science Fiction/Adventure

362 pages/B&W/6x9 inches







Q & A

Any examples of real life influences in Nexus Point?

The first chapter of Nexus Point is based on shenanigans my best friend and I got up to while attending Adult Space Academy in Huntsville, Alabama. Although, there is no violence in the true story- only blinding myself when I took a flash photograph of the solar panel in the dark museum.

What inspired Nexus Point and the Time Ranger series?

To have others enjoy the world I created. I want to live in it, and I know other people dream of spaceflight, space stations and time travel- particularly now with the successful launch and landing of Perseverance on Mars, so I created a world and characters for them to also enjoy as much as I do myself.

What are some unique selling points of Nexus Point?

I'm a Canadian female with experience in both military and space sciences, but I write from a male perspective. I also write pure escapism. I want readers to get in a world that has nothing to do with their own reality, especially during these trying times of COVID 19. 

Who are some of your favourite authors who perhaps influence your writing?

I'm in love with Canadian Author, Timothy S. Johnston and his Tanner Sequence, and all of Elizabeth Moon's Vatta Series. For military scifi my go=to authors are JN Chaney, Christopher Hopper and Michael Mammay.  All these authors have found the right blend of military, action and deep characters. I'm also a huge fan of Gareth L. Powell. His descriptions are vivid and his sense of humour is on par with mine. If I had to choose a Master Work Author, it would be him.

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