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The Journey Continues...

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

'Nexus Point' is in the hands of the publisher now, and I can't stand the wait! After the first step of actually writing the novel, the first step into my publishing world is to have an Author's Evaluation done by Friesen Press. Which means, an author from my genre will review the story and make recommendations. This takes several weeks. Several long weeks. And during these weeks, it's probably best I don't tinker with the story, which I feel constantly compelled to do, but it has given me the chance to work on the second novel of the series.

All novels in the series are planned out, but the long hard journey of writing them is still ahead. Thankfully, I love writing, so it will be a journey most enjoyable. As of now, the beginning hook (first third of the novel), is complete and I'm working my way into the first half of the middle build. I'm very excited where this novel series is going.

I've also had the author's photo taken, which is another story in and of itself. Anyone else feel uncomfortable posing for portraits? Anyone? I felt rather silly, but in the end was happy with the results.

When I have a revised version of Nexus Point, I plan to post a chapter or two on the website to helpfully entice readers to want to read the book, so look for those updates.

Bye for now.



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