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  • K.Pimpinella

SPSFC2 Review of Night Music, by Tobias Cabral

As a reminder, my personal review of this book does not represent that of Team Escapist in the SPSFC2.

After reading the first 20% of this book I new I wanted to read more, and the book did not disappoint.

Hard sci-fi is blended with colonization and and near-future space technology. Despite a lack lustre cover, this book is intelligently written, well crafted with proper pacing and interesting, well developed characters. I was never lacking for information nor a deeper understanding of what was going on. Clearly a well-edited book, with the polish of traditionally published book. I always say, don’t let the reader know your book was self-published, and Night Music surely, and expertly did this.

There were parts that were a little weighed down with tech-talk, but that’s hard scifi. And whether or not it is all accurate (although I suspect it is), didn’t matter because the author did an excellent job of incorporating it all into the story in a believable way.

Without giving too many spoilers, the characters , primarily lead by Seth as the main protagonist, are travelling to Mars to investigate a strange occurence and missing crew. As they draw near, they learn more about what is happening on Mars, or what has happened, which left me really wanting to read on to see what really happened there. And I wasn’t disappointed. The ending was nice, surprising and subdued- soemthng you don’t always get in scifi, and it was a nice twist for me.

Night Music, by Tobias Cabral, is a hard 'yes please, may I have some more,' in my opinion.

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