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  • K.Pimpinella

SPSFC2 Quarterfinalist Review: Transference, by B.T. Keaton

This review reflects my own opinion, and not those of the other members of Team Escapist.

Well written. If not a little confusing at times. But it built an interesting world. And there’s conflict, deep characters, and with how the world was slowly and properly introduced, there was a great sense of anticipation. It really made me want to read on. Unfortunately, the chapters are a little too long to read ‘just one more’.

And not only does the book establish a defined antagonist, it gives readers someone to root for and something for them to root against. With the author’s expertly written dark exposition, believable characters , wit, and eloquent descriptions woven perfectly into the story, it’s obvious the author knows what he’s doing. Although, at times, the antagonist (Jovian) sounded a little mustache twirling, aka, a little cartoonish in his threats, he still came across as believable. And the melodrama made an appearance a time or two. But overall, the author seamlessly mixed drama and action.

When I said things were a little confusing at times, I’m referring to having to keep track of who is who due to the transference and multiple names, especially when the author sometimes references first names, and other times just the last. Became tedious to keep track of. And new POVs entered the scene a little too late in the story.

Unfortunately, after the first several chapters where this book was sitting high on my list of really well written scifi, things, sadly, digressed. By the last 50 pages or so I was rolling my eyes at the number of plots twists and reveals. Even the antagonist had become a little too Machevilian for me.

Overall, a deeply engaging story. But the ending became a sort-of ‘tell-all’. I found myself jumping ahead to get the answers I wanted, and was no longer invested in the characters anymore. I did enjoy the slight darkness to the story, peppered with moments of light to keep the balance right. This was done well. But like I said, too many twists and reveals at the end, all piled ontop of each other, left me with a not-so-glowing feeling of the overall book.

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