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My Introduction Blog for SPSFC2 - Team Escapist

First off, congratulations to SPSFC1 winner, S.A Tholin for Iron Truth.

As a quarterfinalist in SPSFC1, I was offered the chance to resubmit Nexus Point. I declined as I had decided to judge this year for Team Escapist.

As a judge, I’ll be looking at the critical functions of storytelling, not just genre and style. YA, romance, horror, dystopian, it doesn’t matter, as long as the story is written well.

I’ll be looking closely at story writing dynamics. How, and how well, is tension built. Is dialogue realistic? Does each chapter serve a purpose, and is there conflict? I hold self-pub almost to the same level as trad pub. You are both selling a ‘product’ to a reader. I don’t subscribe to the belief that self-pub is for writers who couldn’t get a trad deal because their book wasn’t good enough, therefore you still have to put the work in.

Most readers buy books not knowing if it was trad or self-pub. Don’t let them know!

I will be posting my reviews of all the books I read on my personal blog, but only books with higher scores will have their review posted on Goodreads or amazon.

Team Escapist Books

A Dream of Waking Life

Eric Feinberg


Patricia Tavormina

Alien Advantage

Lorain O’Neil


Max Florschutz

Debunked: Volume One of the Terravenum Chronicles

Dito Abbott


Shannon Lindsay

Escape First Contact

Tina Beier


Patrick Abbott

Into Neon: A Cyberpunk Saga

Matthew Goodwin

NEANDER; A Time Travel Adventure

Harald Johnson

Night Music

Tobias F. Cabral

Of Mycelium and Men

William C. Tracy

Psycho Hose Beast From Outer Space

C.D. Gallant-King


James Brumbaugh

The Bygone Wars Book 1; Songs of Space and Time

Scott Robinson

The Calling

Branwen O’Shea

The Carnelian Fox

Kayleigh MacLeod

The Created

Michael McCloskey

The Dark That Dwells

Matt Digman, Ryan Roddy

The Drift

Casie Aufenthie

The Prometheus Effect

David Fleming

The Trouble with Love

Maurice X. Alvarez

Those Left Behind

Nicola Scrimgeour


Krista D. Ball


Brandon Keaton

Transgressor: The Fated Sky

E.M. Swift-Hook

Zeroed Out

Jacob Markrof

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